Joining 10up

If you haven’t heard from WPTavern, Twitter or some other source of WordPress-related news, Brainstorm Media, where I have worked for the last three years, is being acquired by a certain company called 10up. If you haven’t heard of 10up, they are a leading WordPress & web development agency comprised of world class developers and WordPress contributors. In short, they kick serious ass.

1Up Mushroom x10

While whispers of the acquisition had been circulating internally for a few months prior to the official announcement, all lips were sealed until all of the details were sorted out. On Christmas Eve the news finally went public.

My Reaction

The entire thing is somewhat surreal for me. To put things in perspective, I live in a tiny mountain town in Germany; there are no WordPress meetups or WordCamps nearby. Other than WordCamp London, in November, I had barely even met another WordPress developer in my entire career. I keep my hand on the pulse of the WordPress community via podcasts, social networks and feeds from various news sites & blogs.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my seclusion has given me a thirst for community. I could not have asked for a more impressive community of WordPress developers than the rockstars at 10up. Moreover, I actually get to work with them on a daily basis; any developer that can pull their own knows that in order to improve professionally, we must constantly learn new things and surround ourselves with experts.

While I am very excited about bringing my years of WordPress experience to the table at 10up, and for the opportunities to develop awesome new web systems, I admittedly am equally thrilled to work alongside the brains of the WordPress elite.

The Future

Looking forward to 2014, I see a big year for the WordPress community as a whole. As WordPress usage surpasses 20% of the Internet, it is indeed an exciting time to be a WordPress developer!

Thanks to everyone at Brainstorm Media & 10up for this awesome opportunity.

UPDATE: Check out my follow-up article, looking back on working at 10up for 2 months.

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