WordPress Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

If you are like me, you enjoy not looking like an idiot from time to time. 

One of the best things about the WordPress community is that it is so full of brilliant people; most of whom are incredibly friendly and happy to share their knowledge with anyone willing to lend an ear.

Unfortunately, being a community of people that work primarily from home, many of us suffer from a minor case of degraded social skills. Rather than curling up into a ball and whimpering ourselves to sleep every night, there is a cure for this affliction – one that both empowers us to go mingle and makes us look smart in the process.

The trick? Keeping your finger on the WordPress pulse.


If you are a die-hard WordPress developer, you probably already know of, and possibly listen to, most of the following podcasts. For those just joining the community, or joining the podcasting party, I’ve compiled a list of what I have found to be the best sources for WordPress news. Other than attending WordPress events in person, listening to these WordPress podcasts is the best way I know of to stay up to date on the latest development news, trends, and big players.

In case you don’t have time to listen to every podcast listed here, I’ve broken each one down into three categories: code talk, business talk and community [news].

My Favorite WordPress Podcasts


I’ll start off with my personal favorite- The DradCast. Hosted by Dre Armeda and Brad Williams, each episode features a “guest host”, who is somebody notable from within the WordPress community. I feel like The DradCast does a terrific job of  presenting community news and trends, while also keeping the atmosphere fun and relaxed. The moment I first heard the ‘What Ya Sippin On’ segment (where everyone tells what alcoholic beverage they are currently drinking) I was sold.


WordPress Weekly is WPTavern’s podcast that generally covers the all of the events of the previous week. Hosted by Jeff Chandler, and usually co-hosted by Sarah Gooding (also known as pollyplummer, not plumber, on twitter) and Marcus Couch. I try to catch this one live on the Tavern if I can, because there is usually a good group of key WP players in the IRC channel- plus Jeff includes questions asked on IRC in the podcast. Jeff asked Matt Mullenweg a question I had posted in IRC, one of the highlights of my nerdy life.


WPWatercooler is another staple podcast of mine (in fact, the first WordPress podcast that I ever listened; my Brainstorm Media co-worker Paul Clark was a guest speaker.) This podcast is an open forum for discussion, on a given topic, with a wide variety of different developers- which adds an interesting dynamic. Precaution: it does have a tendency to go rampantly off-topic, but it always entertains! I would recommend the Watercooler to anyone who wants to get a feel for the ‘culture’ of WordPress- it’s fun, relaxed and intelligent.


Apply Filters is a brilliant newcomer to the WP podcast scene. Be warned that this podcast is intended for developers- so there is a lot of technical talk. That said; it is hosted by Brad Touesnard and Pippin Williamson– two very, very smart WordPress developers who are authorities in their fields. If you fancy yourself a coder, regardless to what degree, you will learn some seriously practical stuff from this podcast.


The Matt Report stands on it’s own as a unique WordPress podcast. Run by Matt Medeiros– this podcast is aimed at the business side of the WordPress movement. As a developer, the business side of WordPress is not my primary interest (I somehow manage to have plenty of projects in my lap, so I’m not too worried), but I do recognize the impact that is has on the WordPress economy as a whole. Matt doesn’t try to please everyone with this podcast; it is clearly focused on how companies and entrepreneurs are leveraging WordPress; it is not aimed at developers. Still – if you are a developer, it is in your best interest to follow the business-side the WordPress ecosystem for the sake of staying well-rounded.

Did I miss any awesome podcasts, that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Thanks for the mention for WordPress Weekly. I am also on a weekly show called WordPress Plugins A-Z (@wppluginsatoz) where John Overall and I discuss the latest and greatest plugins of the week. As if that’s not enough, I also have Industry Night and coming soon, “The Daily Plugin”. WordPress podcasts are great! I listen to them as much as I participate in them!

    • I appreciate the feedback Marcus. I’ve included WordPress Plugins A-Z to my regular WordPress podcast lineup, and it’s proving to be a great resource for keeping my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the plugin world (no small feat, considering how giant the WP plugin repo has become). I’ll be sure to include this in my next podcast article. Keep up the great work!

  • Hey Mike, just finding this article now — thanks for the mention! I do hope you find value in some of the episodes — esp from Jake 😉

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  • Hi Mike:
    Some other WordPress podcasts have sprung up since this article first appeared. Some of the WP podcasts I follow are Rethink.fm (http://rethink.fm/), WP Innovator (http://leejacksondev.com/podcast/), WP-Tonic (https://www.wp-tonic.com/podcast-episodes/), and The WP Crowd (https://www.thewpcrowd.com/).